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Here are the most frequently asked questions about the final year of the TrueBlue Schools program. If you can’t find your answers here, email us at

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Q. Why is the TrueBlue Schools program changing?

A. In 2008, Georgia Natural Gas® launched its signature TrueBlue Schools® program with an intended goal of donating $2 million to help support schools throughout the state. To date, we have surpassed that goal, donating more than $2.1 million to education in Georgia.

In celebration of reaching our $2 million goal, Georgia Natural Gas will continue to donate to participating schools for an additional year, through June 30, 2015!

As Georgia’s leading natural gas provider, Georgia Natural Gas has always had a strong commitment to the communities we serve. Through our focus on children, seniors, energy assistance, and the environment — we’ve donated millions of dollars and countless volunteer hours to individuals and organizations across the state. Click here to see how we’re making a difference in the community. As we look to the future, please continue to watch for new programs and opportunities that benefit the communities we serve.

Q. Can I still sign up for the TrueBlue Schools Program to earn donations for my school?

A. Participants currently enrolled in TrueBlue Schools, who remain customers of Georgia Natural Gas in good standing, will continue to earn $5 a month for their designated schools during the final year of the program. While donations have been extended for an additional year, through June 30, 2015, the program will no longer be open for new participant enrollments during this time.

Q. Can I change my school to receive donations?

A. Yes. If you are currently enrolled in TrueBlue Schools, you may select any school from the current list of participating TrueBlue Schools. To change your school, you must login to your participant profile with your GNG account number and email address. Click the Change School button, and choose your school from the drop down list. If you can’t find your school listed, email to confirm your school’s participation status.

Q. Can I split my donations between two schools?

A. No, you cannot designate two schools. However, you can change your school at any time.

Q. Are there any restrictions for the TrueBlue Schools Program?

A. July 1, 2014 begins the final year of donations to schools through the TrueBlue Schools Program. Customers enrolled to participate in TrueBlue Schools by June 30, 2014 may continue to earn donations for their school through June 30, 2015 as long as they remain a customer in good standing during that time.

Beginning May 1, 2014 new schools are no longer eligible to register in The TrueBlue Schools Program.

Click here for complete terms and conditions.

Q. How does my school receive TrueBlue Schools donations?

A. Only schools currently participating in TrueBlue Schools are eligible to earn donations for the final year of the program. Schools must have a completed Form W-9 on file before December 1, 2014, to receive earned donations, or schools will forfeit all earned donations through the TrueBlue Schools program. (If your school currently receives quarterly donations, there is no need to submit a Form W-9.)

Submit Form W-9 by one of the following methods:
FAX: 404-685-4030 ATTN: TrueBlue Schools Program
MAIL: TrueBlue Schools Program, Georgia Natural Gas, 817 W. Peachtree St, NW, Suite 1000, Atlanta, GA 30308

Schools may receive donations by check or direct deposit. For direct deposit, a school must provide in writing the bank name, routing number, deposit account number, as well as a name and email address of the person who receives electronic banking information for your school.

Q. Why does my school need to submit a W-9 form if they are a tax-exempt /non-profit organization?

A. The W-9 form is a record to show that Georgia Natural Gas is donating to the school and not paying the school. All schools must submit a W-9 form before any TrueBlue Schools donations can be made, regardless of tax status. Once your school is set up to receive donations there is no need to submit another W-9 form.

Q. When will schools receive donation checks?

A. Donation checks are mailed to schools quarterly (October, January, April, and July) and the final donation check will be sent July 2015. Your school will receive a quarterly donation for active GNG customers in good standing enrolled in the TBS program for your school.

Q. How can I find out how much money Georgia Natural Gas has helped my school raise through the TrueBlue Schools program?

A. Visit and click "Look Up My School's Earnings" under the Program Details.

Q. I have a participant that signed up for Georgia Natural Gas and/ or TrueBlue Schools; however, my participant’s dashboard doesn’t show them listed as a participant. Why? What should I do?

A. There are a number of possibilities of why the participant isn’t showing up. A participant may already be participating in another GNG affinity program, or they may have chosen not to re-enroll in the program. However, each customer’s situation is different and that information is private. So, please contact us directly so we may resolve any participant issues.

Q. Can parent-teacher groups receive the donations (instead of the school itself)?

A. GNG sends the donations to the attention of the school principal, made payable to the school. The school principal may make the decision to pass the funds along to other school organizations (i.e. Booster Club, PTA, etc.).

Q. How do I cancel my participation with TrueBlue Schools?

A. You can login to using your GNG account number and email address. There you can "deactivate" your participation in the program.

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