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Here are the most frequently asked questions about the TrueBlue Schools program. If you can’t find your answers here, email us at Remember, your TrueBlue Schools team is available to provide you with additional information.

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Q. How do participants from my school sign up for the TrueBlue Schools Program?

A. If NOT yet a Georgia Natural Gas customer:

Sign up for Georgia Natural Gas® at or by calling 1-866-ONLYGNG. Be sure to provide the promotion code TRUEBLUE to receive up to a 15¢ per therm discount.

Receive your new Georgia Natural Gas account number over the phone or by email. Then visit, to select your school and enter your GNG account number to begin earning.

A. If ALREADY a Georgia Natural Gas customer:

Simply visit, select your school and enter your GNG account number to start earning, too.

Q. Do I have to sign up for my school to receive donations every year?

A. No. Upon enrolling in TrueBlue Schools, your enrollment is active for a three-year term. You can change your designated school or update your contact information and email address at anytime during your participation. Participants are required to re-enroll in the program after three-years, regardless of changes in school designation or contact information.

Q. Is the monthly donation going to our school being added to a participant’s gas bill? Will their rates be raised to pay for the donations?

A. The monthly donation of $5/month is NOT added to your gas bill. In fact, it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for the TrueBlue Schools program. GNG’s rates will not be raised to pay for this program or donations. We’re proud to offer competitive fixed and variable price plans and the expertise to help you make an informed choice about which plan is right for you.

Q. Are there any restrictions for the TrueBlue Schools Program?

A. The program is open to all residential and commercial natural gas users located in the GNG service area. In addition, TrueBlue Schools is open to both existing GNG customers and customers not currently with GNG. Anyone not currently using GNG as their gas provider can easily make the switch and start earning money for your school.

Participants must live in the GNG service area in order to designate your school to receive donations. However, participation is not limited by area - anyone within the GNG footprint can sign up and designate your school to receive donations including friends, relatives, grandparents, etc., that may live in another area of the state serviced by GNG.
As long as a customer is active and current with his or her natural gas account, GNG will continue to make donations to your school.
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Q. What does my school have to do to participate in the TrueBlue Schools® Program?

A. There is no obligation or contract needed for a school to participate in the TrueBlue Schools program. All your school has to do is submit a completed, signed and dated copy of the IRS W-9 form to us so that we may get your school set up to receive donations. You can email your completed form to, or fax it to 678-824-6498, Attention: TrueBlue Schools Program.

We’ve made receiving your school’s quarterly donations even faster with direct deposit. All we need is the bank name, routing number, deposit account number, as well as a name and email address of the person who receives electronic banking information for your school. We can send a paper check, but direct deposit saves time and trees! Now that’s TrueBlue!

Q. What if a person is in a contract with another gas provider?

A. When switching from another natural gas provider to Georgia Natural Gas, there is no need to contact your current provider, simply click “Start Helping Your School Today” on the home page and follow the prompts or call 1-866-ONLYGNG. GNG will contact your current provider to make the switch, however potential customers should check with their existing provider regarding any fees that may be charged. Potential participants can also use the Email Reminder Tool on to be reminded about the program closer to their contract expiration.

Q. How can I find out how much money Georgia Natural Gas has helped my school raise through the TrueBlue Schools program?

A. Visit and click "Look Up My School's Earnings" under the Program Details.

Q. I have a participant that signed up for Georgia Natural Gas and/ or TrueBlue Schools; however, my TrueBlue participant’s dashboard doesn’t show them listed as a participant. Why? What should I do?

A. There are a number of possibilities of why the participant isn’t showing up. A participant may already be participating in another GNG affinity program, or they may have signed up but are waiting for their GNG service to begin. However, each customer’s situation is different and that information is private. So, please contact us directly so we may resolve any participant issues.

Q. Why does my school need to submit a W-9 form if they are a tax-exempt /non-profit organization?

A. The W-9 form is a record to show that Georgia Natural Gas is donating to the school and not paying the school. All school must submit a W-9 form before any TrueBlue Schools donations can be made, regardless of tax status. Once your school is set up to receive donations there is no need to submit another W-9 form, ever.

Q. When will schools receive donation checks?

A. Donation checks are mailed to schools quarterly (October, January, April, and July). Your school will continue to receive donations each quarter there are active GNG customers in good standing enrolled in the TBS program for your school.

Q. Is there any limit as to how much money my school can receive?

A. There is no limit as to the amount of money your school can receive.

Q. Can I split my donations between two schools?

A. No, you cannot designate two schools. However, you can change your school at any time.

Q. Can parent-teacher groups receive the donations (instead of the school itself)?

A. GNG sends the donations to the attention of the school principal, made payable to the school. The school principal may make the decision to pass the funds along to other school organizations (i.e. Booster Club, PTA, etc.).

Q. How do I cancel my participation with TrueBlue Schools?

A. You can login to using your GNG account number and email address. There you can "deactivate" your participation in the program.

Q. What do I do if I can't find my School on your Web site?

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