For each Georgia Natural Gas (GNG) customer who enrolls in the TrueBlue Schools Program (the Program), GNG will contribute to the qualified school designated by the customer $5 per month for each month that the customer receives natural gas service from GNG (the Service Contribution). Contributions will be made by GNG on a quarterly basis. The additional terms and conditions governing the Program, including key dates and changes as of May 2014, are as set forth below.

Eligibility for Participation

The Program is open to any residential natural gas customer within Atlanta Gas Light Company's service territory who enrolls for service with, and is accepted for service by, GNG. Participating customers may select any eligible price plan for which they would otherwise qualify. In order to maintain eligibility, a participant must receive continuous natural gas service from GNG, and the participant's account with GNG must be active and current (shall not include past due charges) at the time the quarterly contribution is paid by GNG.

Customers of GNG participating in any other GNG customer loyalty or reward program may not also simultaneously participate in the Program.

GNG reserves the right to limit the number of Program participants and exclude from enrollment and/or participation in the Program any customer whom GNG deems to be improperly using the Program.


Enrollment must occur via GNG's designated Internet website, www.trueblueschools.com, or via telephone by calling 1-866-ONLY-GNG. Enrollment requires the customer's account number, valid e-mail address, school selection and such other information as GNG may require. Only one qualifying school may be selected at any one time. Enrollments in the Program will be accepted through June 30, 2014, after which no additional customers may enroll for participation in the Program.

GNG may provide to each qualifying school and such school's Program coordinator the name, address and e-mail address of each customer participating in the Program who has designated such school as the recipient of contributions under the Program in respect of such customer.

Enrolled customers who move and wish to continue participating in the Program must notify GNG prior to scheduling the change in location for their natural gas service. Otherwise, any unpaid contributions will be forfeited.

Eligible Schools

Schools eligible to receive contributions under the Program include all public elementary, middle and secondary schools, plus accredited private schools having in place a valid Section 501(c)(3) determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service. Accredited private schools include those receiving accreditation from the Georgia Accrediting Commission, the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges or a comparable generally recognized accrediting body or organization. All qualifying schools must be located in the Atlanta Gas Light Company service territory to receive contributions. GNG reserves the right to deny a school from eligibility in the Program at GNG's sole discretion. All qualifying schools must be enrolled in the Program by May 1, 2014 to participate and must provide a completed Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) to GNG by December 1, 2014 to receive contributions.

Enrolled customers may change their school choice to another qualifying school at any time. Contributions will be made by GNG to the customer's school designation in effect 24 hours prior to the applicable date contributions are calculated. Changes in school designations occurring after such time will be effective only for contributions calculated more than 24 hours after the change, subject to further changes in school designation by the customer. Only one school will receive contributions at any one time with respect to a particular customer. Contributions will be made to the general fund of receiving schools.

Calculation of Contributions

Service Contributions will be calculated and made to a qualified designee school by GNG on a quarterly basis, as of January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1 of each year. A Service Contribution will be made by GNG only if the applicable customer's account remains eligible. (See Eligibility for Participation.) Service Contributions are calculated as $5 for each calendar month, or portion of a calendar month, during the preceding calendar quarter that the customer receives natural gas service from GNG. Service Contributions will continue to be earned through June 30, 2015, after which no additional contributions will accrue. The last quarterly contributions will be paid by GNG to qualifying schools in July 2015.

Accumulated Service Contribution amounts with respect to a customer will be forfeited (and will not be paid by GNG to a school under the Program) if (i) the customer's account becomes inactive or past due at any time and for any reason during the applicable quarterly period for which such amounts would otherwise be calculated and paid; (ii) the customer terminates participation in the Program during the applicable quarterly period for which such amounts would otherwise be calculated and paid; or (iii) the school designated to receive such amounts fails to timely provide to GNG a Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) or other documentation or information required by GNG for participation in the Program.

Tax Benefits

All tax benefits and related rights arising from Program contributions made by GNG, including, but not limited to, charitable contribution deductions, shall accrue to, and be retained by, GNG.

Termination and Modification

GNG reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to discontinue the Program and/or modify the terms and conditions of the Program at any time and without notice to any customer, school or other party. Contribution amounts accumulated as of the termination of the Program will be paid as of the next calculation date that would have occurred notwithstanding the termination of the Program.


GNG does not guarantee or warrant that any qualifying school will receive any minimum amount of contributions under the Program.


GNG does not endorse any qualifying school or the programs or policies of any qualifying school by such school's participation in the Program or receipt of contributions from GNG.

Contacting GNG

To contact GNG for questions and other communications relating to the Program, email GNG at support@trueblueschools.com. GNG's call center will not be able to provide specific information regarding the Program.